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What is her name? 1 year ago
What is her name?
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These videos are great, but tell the studs to pull their damn shirt off. They are blocking all the action. Most people think this kind of stuff is fantasy, but it happens every day in stores, schools and amusement venues.. You better believe teachers and principals get their share of young pussy and cops get more than their share. I could tell you many personal stories because I have gotten my share too.
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Love it when he really hits it hard and deep! This generally is the way you fuck a stranger girl and you don't care what she thinks!
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You need to up the creep factor for these videos to be good. Show the girls faces when they're getting penetrated. Backroom Casting Couch gets the right balance of pornstar and amateur
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I was in charge of discipline for girls. Frankly,l used the authority and privacy that I had to get some very hot pussy. Well, they got punished in a way--I made damned sure of that! My age, endowment, and experience were something they were not used to so they got some hard fucking they did not soon forget! And yes, I actually popped a couple of virgins.